• Birthday: 29.01.1984
  • Residence: Hannover, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: Sweatstance, backside fahrvergnügen
  • Greatest accomplishments: European Champion Amateur 2007
    First initiated and organized competition Springjam 2009 Hannover
    Opening the Skateshop Skate Solution 2014
  • Why do I skate: 1995 I started to skate. Skating, to me, is a lifestyle. When I skate I feel totally free and forget all problems and sorrows. Most of my friends are Skaters and I made many life experiences through skating. I will skate as long as I can and will hopefully always be related with Inline skating.
  • Acknowledgments and regards: I am really grateful for the support of all my friends. Especially I want to thank Moritz Klerx, Jürgen Eberlein, Dennis Grupe and Matthias Schröder.
    Specially I like to thank my girlfriend for being supportive all the time.
    I like to thank my parents for everything.
    Thank you to Florian Hordan and Henning Strickstrack for the help and advise.
    I want to greet all my friends, relatives and Skaters and thank you for your Support.


Pro Team

  • Birthday: 25.08.1986
  • Residence: Ulm, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: For example: True Mizou to Torque to Top Soul or Truespin Top Soyale
  • Greatest accomplishments: My first handrail. In 2007 I was in Madagascar for a Demo. Last fall I was at the Slamm Jamm in Liverpool, it was a cool Session. Thank you to Conor from Kaltik Hardware for making it possible to be there.
  • Contests:
    2. Place Pro Springjam Contest Hannover 2009,
    1. Place German Championship Amateur 2012,
    1. Place Pro in Amsterdam Realstreet Comp 2013
  • Why do I skate: Skating is my passion for 13 years now. When I skate, I am happy and fully satisfied.
  • Acknowledgments and regards: Props to Backyard Skatepark for the Support and all the good sessions that went down there. Thanks to Kaltik Hardware, USD Skates and Skate Solution for the Support. I also want to thank Phil for filming my skating and to my friends from H2H in France.

Gino Dangers - Skate Solution Profile 2014 from Skate Solution on Vimeo.


Pro Team

  • Birthday: 30.01.1991
  • Residence: Berlin, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: I don´t have a favorite Trick. Every Trick which springs to my mind is the right one.
  • Greatest accomplishments: Every day I go out skating is an achievement for me.
  • Why do I skate: Because there where many occasions to do so. After 8 years skating I would never quit, because this Sport is unique and I really like the family connections in our scene.
  • Acknowledgments and regards: First off all, I would like to thank you all my friends especially Björn and my brother Nick, without them I wouldn´t skate anymore. Greetings to all Skaters! A big thank you to my family and my girlfriend for the support, love and understanding. Furthermore I´d like to thank you USD for the Support and Andy from Skate Solution for the opportunity.

Dave Mutschall `13 - USD Germany from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.


Amateur Team

  • Birthday: 08.03.1992
  • Residence: Hamburg, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: 360 Soul
  • Greatest accomplishments: German Champion Amateur 2013
  • Why do I skate: To me skating always was the best type of sport I've known. There's no date for training, the feeling of free enfoldability and the best friends I've ever had, I found through skating.
  • Acknowledgments and regards: I thank my parents, for buying me my very first skates, as well as Joachim, Nils, Eike, Jan, Martin, Kyryl and Kalil, who have always been open for another session in Osnabrück. Last but not least I thank my girlfriend, for always encouraging me.

Felix Kerrinnes Profile Skate Solution from Skate Solution on Vimeo.


Amateur Team

  • Birthday: 07.08.1995
  • Residence: Hanover, Deutschland
  • Favorite Tricks: Frontside Savannah
  • Greatest accomplishments: every Contest I attended was a success for me!
  • Why do I skate: Because it`s always fun to skate with my friends and while skating I forget all my problems and just concentrate for the next trick!
  • Acknowledgments and regards: I am really grateful for the Support from my friends. Shoot out to Moritz Klerx for filming and editing my section. I also would like to take a call to my brother Marcel for buying me my first pair of Skates.

Skate Solution Welcome Edit Niki Heuer from Skate Solution on Vimeo.


Amateur Team

  • Birthday: 13.12.1996
  • Residence: Feldkirch, Österreich
  • Favorite Tricks: Fs Savannah
  • Greatest accomplishments: 2. Place Juniors TrytoRoll 2010 Kempten
    2. Place Juniors Rollinz 2012
  • Why do I skate: Because it`s an unique sport and I like the family environment in our small scene. I started skating 5 years ago together with my friends and a life without skating is already hard to imagine for me.
  • Acknowledgments and regards: I like to thanks Andy from Skate Solution for the Support and opportunity.
    I also want to greet all Inline Skater in Austria I am skating with. I also want to greet Patrick, Michael and Fabian from Germnany and of course all my homies in Vorarlberg.

Michael Witzemann - Skate Solution Profile 2015 from Skate Solution on Vimeo.


Amateur Team

  • Birthday: 28.08.1995
  • Residence: Witten, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: Negativ Acid, otherwise depends on the spot
  • Greatest accomplishments: every single progress related to skating
    every contest/event I attended or competed
    1st place Binger Blader Contest 2012
  • Why do I skate: Skating for me is a lifestyle, which is not comparable an which can´t be replaced. Particularly after landing a trick after several attempts and your friends are sharing the joy. Besides that, I skate to spend time with my friends and to experience and dicover new things
  • Acknowledgments and regards: I thank my family and friends (especially the AnkerCrew with Arne, Flo, Timo and Sebastian Pascal) for their support. Furthermore I want to thank Kevin Herrmann for the great pictures and Andy from Skate Solution for his support.

Sven Ischen - Skate Solution Profile 2015 from Skate Solution on Vimeo.


Amateur Team

  • Birthday: 11.03.1996
  • Residence: Borken, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: 270 inspin topsoul
  • Greatest accomplishments: 2nd place Rotterdam Street Battle 2013
  • Why do I skate: Back in the day I started with fitness skates and skated always in our small skatepark. I always watched the „older“ guys skating with their Aggressive Skates and was fascinated from the sport since the very beginning. So I bought my first pair of Aggressive Skates and never stopped since.
  • Acknowledgments and regards: I am really grateful for the support of my skate crew from Borken City. It´s always fun to skate with them. Of course, I greet everyone with whom I already had a cool session. Also thank you to Andy from Skate Solution for the Support!

Adrian Röter Skatesolution 2014 from D9lV on Vimeo.


Amateur Team

  • Birthday: 10.10.1995
  • Residence: Wangen im Allgäu, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: Fishbrain
  • Greatest accomplishments: German Champion Am 2015
  • Why do I skate: because it´s my biggest hobby and there a no limits. You are the only one who decides if you want to skate and where. You get to know many people and make experiences.
  • Acknowledgments and regards:Thank you to Andy from Skate Solution for the chance and the good times at the Real Street Contests! Regards to all my homies from my hometown: Dominik Ringwald, Patrick Büchele, Thomas Grillenberger and my dudes from austria: Michael Witzemann, Florian Hümer, Tobias Feurstein, Brian Breuss and everyone I forgot.

SummerStreet - Michael Müller from keeprollin on Vimeo.


Junior Team

  • Birthday: 22.11.1999
  • Residence: Hamburg, Germany
  • Favorite Tricks: Topporn, Truespin Tricks
  • Greatest accomplishments: 2nd Place German Championship 2013
  • Why do I skate: I just like to have Sessions with my friends and homies.
  • Why did you start with skating?
    My older brother took me out skating. After that experience I started skating with my friends.
  • Acknowledgments and regards: I´d like to thank Marcel, Rene, Anton, Manu, my brother Niko and all the others. Keep on rolling!


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