RAZORS Shift 2 black/grey Boot only

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RAZORS Shift 2 black/grey Boot only

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RAZORS Shift 2 black/grey Boot only

The RAZORS Shift 2 black/grey is a synthesis of the best elements from our most popular models, all combined with new attributes.  The shell has a slimmer shape reminiscent of the Cult mixed with the flat soled, bottomless boot concept of the SL.   With focus on improving the rider experience, we began reworking our designs and after three years, countless hours of testing, we have developed the Shift.  Make no mistake, this completely new shell is different. 

Now, we are happy to introduce the RAZORS Shift 2 black/grey.  If you're looking for a boot with multiple applications, the Shift2 incorporates our IFC ? Instant Frame Change - concept.  With the sole t-nut hardware removed, you can depress the 2 buttons on the base of the soul, release the slider, and from that point ? the soul, frame and wheels ? from the boot.  Within seconds, you can snap on a fresh setup, all without having to access any of the UFS hardware, and you?ll be on your way.  With the addition of t-nuts on the inner/negative part of the sole, and new Reign liner, we've created a more stable, comfortable, and reliable skate.  Out of the box, the Shift2 is designed to hold up to the serious demands of modern day street skating.


·         Slim Shift boot shell

·         (IFC) Instant Frame Changing system

·         1-piece slider/backslide with perfect groove

·         Waxed Hockey-Style Laces

·         NEW Reign Liner

·         Cuff with buckle stash pocket

·         Oversized heel pad



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